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Best Urdu Shayari on Life | English and Urdu

Beautiful poetry known as urdu shayari is frequently used to convey thoughts and feelings on life. It is a means for people to express their ideas and feelings to others while also finding refuge and comfort in the words of those who have experienced similar hardships.

Urdu Shayari may accurately and profoundly express these emotions, whether they be the happiness of love or the sorrow of loss. It may give us comfort and inspiration as we travel through life. Whether we are battling heartbreak or just trying to figure out where we belong.

Urdu Shayari about Life

The ability of Urdu Shayari to succinctly express the essence of life is one of its most appealing features. The depth and honesty of Urdu Shayari allow it to accurately capture these emotions, whether they be the happiness of falling in love or the anguish of loss and heartbreak.

Urdu Shayari on Life by Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib, one of the most well-known Urdu poets, wrote about life in a way that is both moving and potent. His poetry addresses the difficulties of the human condition and offers encouragement to people who are experiencing difficulty.

Zindagi ka tha apna aish magar
Sab ki sab imtehaan mai guzri
سُنا ہے زندگی امتحان لیتی ہے فراز
پر یہاں تو امتحانوں نے زندگی لے لی

Ghalib discusses the value of perseverance and tenacity in the poem “Zinda Dil,” which is about facing hardship. He serves as a reminder that despite the difficulties and obstacles we face in life. That’s why he also has some beautiful lines on Urdu Shayari on life.

Each thread in the complex tapestry of life tells a story of happiness and sadness, resulting in a poetic symphony that touches the spirit. The journey of life is a dance with rhythm, incorporating both happy and sad times.

Nahi duniya ko jab parwa hamari
To phir duniya ki parwa kyun kren hum
زندگی میں ملتا تو بہت کچھ ہے
بس ہم حساب اُسی کا رکھتے ہے جو نہ مل سکا

Best Urdu Shayari on life

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, another outstanding Urdu poet, emphasized the necessity of hope and the strength of love in our lives. His poetry is filled with strong, moving language that captures both the joy and suffering of the human experience.

Faiz discusses the eternal power of love in his poetry “Aaj Bhi,” and how it can provide happiness and hope even in the most difficult circumstances. He serves as a reminder that love is a power that can carry us through any difficulty and that it is a source of inspiration and strength in our lives. SO, you must check his Urdu Shayari on life.

زندگی کی کتاب میں سب سے
حسین صفحہ ماں کی محبت ہے
ابھی زندگی میں آپ نے دیکھا ہی کیا ہے،
ابھی تو آپ نے مکہ اور مدینہ دیکھنا ہے

Urdu Quotes on Life in English

Life is an emotional journey with ups and downs, pleasures and tragedies, and a wide range of feelings. Each of us must embark on this journey, and it is up to us to choose how to get there.

It develops in poems of love, adversity, and resiliency, much like a shayari verse. We embrace the essence of life and walk through the stanzas of time, finding comfort in the poetic complexity of life, each stanza bearing witness to our common humanity. You can also check our fine collection of urdu shayari on friendship.

We can get understanding and inspiration from Urdu Shayari as we navigate our own lives by getting a glimpse into the brains and hearts of those who came before us. Here are some words for Urdu Shayari on life in English:

Haasil-e-Zindagi hasrat ke siwa kuch bhi nahi
Ye kiya nahi, wo hua nahi, ye mila nahi, wo raha nahi
Zindagi Mai Milta T0 Bht Khuch HAi
Bas Hum Hisab Usi Ka Rakhty Hai J0 Na mil Saka

Beautifully capturing the intricacies of life is Urdu Shayari, a literary language deeply rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of South Asia. Poets explore love, grief, and the transient aspect of life via the delicate brushstrokes of language. The Urdu Shayari reveals human experiences through emotions and highlighting the beauty in both joy and sadness.

jo guzari na ja saki haam say
haam nay wo zindagi guzari hai
آواز دے کے چھُپ گئی ہر بار زندگی
ہم اِتنے سادہ دِل تھے کہ ہر بار آگئے
تُم مُحبت کو کھیل کہتے ہو
ہم نے برباد زندگی کر لی

Each lyric takes on the role of a mirror, reflecting the subtleties of life, comforting the soul, and reiterating the universal truths that unite us all. The voyage is poetic and transcends the ordinary, encouraging reflection on the deep secrets that characterize our common life.

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