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Shayari On Waqt | Waqt Shayari 2 Lines in Urdu

Want to read your feelings with your loved ones and then say everything Poetry on Waqt in Urdu can be customized and shared from this page on the internet easily. This section is based on huge data of all the latest Shayari on Waqt that can be dedicated to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Convey the inner feelings of the heart with this world’s largest poetry compilation that offers an individual to show sentiments through words. Sad Waqt starts only in case you have a busy life or your friends and loved ones are also busy with their own life problems.

waqt shayari

Time helps us develop a good habit of organizing and organizing daily activities. Life is so strange that it will seem strange to you every time you try to get to know it. Poets also saw life from their Perceptive and realized their feelings.

Shayari On Waqt

Expressing one’s thoughts and emotions through poetry on the theme of ‘waqt’ is an effective means of communication. Time is important to remember that time is a precious commodity and we should utilize it to the fullest.

Shayari on Waqt in Urdu is particularly noteworthy as it allows individuals to convey their feelings in a language that is rich in literary and cultural heritage. Here is some Urdu Poetry on Waqt.

اب وہ گھر اک ویرانہ تھا بس ویرانہ زندہ تھ
سب آنکھیں دم توڑ چکی تھیں اور میں تنہا زندہ
سچ ہے اب وہ فاضلہ نہیں رہا
پر وہ اب ہمارا نہیں رہا

Time plays an important role in our daily routine. So, by better understanding the value of time, we can gain experience and develop skills over time. Check out the amazing collection to express your feeling in words.

Tujhe Chaha Toh Tut Ke Chaha Per Tere Liye
Deewanagi, Chahat, Wafa, Mohabbat Kuch Bhi Nahi,
Tumhare Paas Mere Siwa Sab Kuch Hai
Mere Paas Tumhare Siwa Kuch Bhi Nahi Shayari on Waqt
Hazaron Dukh Paren Sehna Mohabbat Mar Nahi Sakti
Hai Tum Se Bus Yahe Kehna Mohabbat Mar Nahi Sakti
Na Chahat, Na Mohabbat, Na Ishq Aur Na Wafa,
Kuch Bhi Nahi Tha Us Shaks Ke Paas Siwaye Husn Ke

Waqt Shayari Ghalib

Ghalib was one of the most renowned poets of the Urdu language and his poetry is considered timeless. He has written extensively on various themes, one of which is time or ‘waqt’.

Ghalib’s poetry on time reflects his deep understanding of the fleeting nature of time and its impact on human lives. Here are some examples of Urdu poetry by Ghalib on the theme of time:

Waqt ki raftaar se haar gaye
Hum toh bas chalta rahe daur se daur
Ab kya karen, guzar gaya waqt
Jiske liye humne sab kuch chhoda

Waqt Shayari 2 Lines

Doing everything on waqt is called punctuality and it is a good habit to be punctual. If you keep too busy to look at the time you will not know that it is passing. So you have to do the right thing at the right time because it will never come back once time passes.

Being in control of your time means being proactive, engaging in activities that bring you joy, and making the most of every moment. And what better way to express the complexities of time than through Shayari On Waqt, which captures the beauty and depth of this theme

Another reason time is so important is that no one knows how much you have. Time is such a precious thing and it is impossible to regain it after losing it. So, remember this uncertainty can have a major impact on your lifestyle. Also, check Poetry in Urdu you will surely like it.

Sochta hoon waqt tha ya mei fankaar tha
Ishq yun kha gaya jesy mei bekaar tha

People can die at any age and from any cause, and no one can predict the future. Then nothing comes of it except remorse because it is said that no one is stronger than time, once time passes. Here is 2 lines waqt shayari:

Sahi Waqt Par Karwa Denge Hadon Ka Ehsas
Kuch Talaab Khud Ko Samundar Samajh Baithhe Hain
Hum Na Badlenge Waqt Ki Raftar Ke Saath
Jab Bhi Milenge Andaz Purana Hoga

Romantic Urdu poetry holds a certain allure, but it can sometimes influence people in unexpected ways. However, waqt shayari, which is poetry about time, serves as a helpful reminder of important moments and life experiences.

Din Badle Mausam Badla Aur Badla Yeh Saal Aakhir,
Ehsas Badla Insaan Badla Kyun Na Badla Apna Haal Aakhir
Aye Bure Waqt Zara Adab Se Pesh Aa
Waqt Nahi Lagta Waqt Badalne Main
Hum na badlenge waqt ki raftaar ke saath
Jab bhi milenge, andaz puraana hoga

Time has always been the eternal theme of poetry, whether it be the passage of time or a deeper thought about the nature of time. If you like this Shayari On Waqt, share it with your friends and family.

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