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Friends Shayari in Urdu and English

The poetic form known as Friends Shayari honors the relationship between friends and conveys the love, caring, and support that they have for one another. It’s an elegant approach to thank your pals and let them know how much they mean to you.

The Friends Shayari that honors friendship and the happiness it offers is one of the most well-known. This kind of Shayari frequently contains phrases that convey the joy and fulfillment that come from having close friends.

Friends Shayari

A variety of emotions, including love, desire, joy, and grief, have all been expressed through Shayari, which has long been a well-liked form of expression in India. Similar to other friendship-themed poems, Friends Shayari brilliantly expresses its essence. It is a genuine and heartfelt method of expressing your ideas and feelings to your pals.

Friends Shayari in Urdu

Friends Shayari come in a wide variety of styles, from the sweet and heartfelt to the hilarious and playful. Whatever your state of mind, you can always find a pal Shayari that will fit your demands and let you communicate your feelings to your pals.

uske har zakham pe dil nisar hota hay
zulm kitna be ho yaar to yar hota hay
‏ھم لوگ بھی کتنے عجیب ہیں
نشانیاں محفوظ رکھتے ہیں اور لوگوں کو کھو دیتے ہیں

This Shayari perfectly expresses the actual meaning of friendship and how it may improve our lives in both happiness and comfort. It emphasizes the close relationship that can exist between two people and how it can support us in overcoming even the most difficult obstacles.

There is a poet, whose presence fills every moment with warmth and delight, gives me great pleasure. He has a unique combination of loyalty, humor, and kindness. He is always there with a smile and encouraging words, whether it’s a difficult or joyous occasion.

جس گھڑی تم سے بات ہوتی ہے
وہی گھڑی میری کاینات ہوتی ہے
تم پر اتری ہی نہیں ہجر کی اندھی راتیں
تم نے دیکھا ہی نہیں چاند کا کالا ہونا

Friends Shayari 2 Lines

This Shayari honors the joy and happiness that friends experience when spending time together. It refers to the excitement and happiness that come from socializing with close friends and how it makes us smile.

There are additional Friends Shayari that have a lighter, funnier tone. With friends, these Shayari are frequently used to celebrate wonderful times and memorable events. For instance:

“Hum dost hain toh kya hua,” the song begins. “Jab bhi mile ek doosre se, Hansi mazak bante hain, Ye dosti ka nasha nahi hai.”

Dost khush hotay hn jb dost ka gham daikhtay hn
Kesi dunya hai elahi jisay hm daikhtay hn
Taab nigh thi to nazara bhi dost tha
Is chisham nargis ka ishara bhi dost tha

Urdu Shayari on Friendship in English

You can thank your friends and let them know how much they mean to you by using a buddy’s shayari. This kind of Shayari frequently comes across as more genuine and heartfelt

Since it expresses the profound gratitude and love we have for our friends. This Shayari expresses our great love and gratitude for our friends and how important they are in our lives.

Doston say Rasai Souchian gain
Sb say ho aashnai sochain gain
Dosti aam hai lekin aye dost
Dost milta hai bari mushkil say

It sends the message that they are very special to us and that we cannot fathom living without them. Here are some words you may like:

Tumse hi hai mera sacha, Tumhare bina kuch bhi nahi, Tumse hai mera jeevan sacha: “Yeh dosti ka rishta toh”

The love, caring, and support that friends offer to one another are beautifully and deeply expressed in these lines. It is real and heartfelt in the manner it honors the friendship link and captures the spirit of this unique relationship.

dosti bhi kabhi rahi ho gi
dushmani bay sabab nahi hoti
Dosti ka tuhfa har kisi ko nahi milta
ye wo phool hay jo har bagh main nahi khilta
iss phool ko kabhi tutne mat dena
keyun ke tuta hua phool phir nahi khilta
dushman hamari haar pay khush thay buhat miyan
lekin hamary dost bhi kam khush nahi rahay
youn lagay dost tera mujh say khafa ho jana
jis tarah phool say khushboo ka juda ho jana

There is always a good Shayari who will meet your demands and assist you in expressing your thoughts towards your pals, whether you’re seeking a lovely and nostalgic one or one that is light-hearted and hilarious.

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