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Poems About Love In Urdu | Urdu Love Poems

Poets have long praised the emotion of love in their works. Poets have written beautiful and moving poems in the Urdu language to express their love and desire. The depth and intensity of this feeling are beautifully and emotionally expressed in Urdu poetry as it celebrates love.

Mirza Ghalib, is one of the most well-known Urdu poets of love. Ghalib explores the agony associated with the absence of love in his poetry “Aah Ko Chaahiye,” as well as the desire for love. In poetry, the speaker describes his or her intense need for love.

poems about love in urduRumi, a Persian poet who lived in the 13th century, likewise celebrates love in his poems. Metaphors and images that express the essence of love abound in Rumi’s poetry. Therefore, Rumi explores the dual effects of love in “The Guest House,” one of his poems. He discusses how love may bring both beauty and suffering, emphasizing the necessity of accepting both.

Poems About Love In Urdu

In his poem “Hum Dekhenge,” another well-known Urdu poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, discussed the transformational power of love. The poem discusses the hope that love gives and how it might alter the course of events. Faiz discusses the ability of love to unite people as well as how it can spur reform and resistance to injustice.

تُم سے دُور رِہ کے بھی ہم دُور کہاں ہیں
میرا سایہ ہے وہیں پر، آپ جہاں ہیں
اجنبی بن کے جو ملے باسط
لوگ میرے وہ دیکھے بھالے ہیں

There are poems in Urdu that praise the joy and contentment that love offers, in contrast to these poems of love and longing. So, Parveen Shakir’s poetry “Jab Se Tum Ko” discusses the excitement of falling in love. Shakir discusses the ways that love can make our life brighter and happier in this poetry.

Aadat Unki Ab Kuch Iss Tarah Ho Gayi,
Ab Unki Berukhi Se Bhi Mohabbat Ho Gayi
Pehle Dosti, Phir Mohabbat Aur Phir Bilawajah Nafrat,
Bari Tarteeb Se Ek Shaks Ne Tabah Kia Mujhe

Romantic Urdu Love Poems

One of Ghalib’s most famous poems about love is “Hai Koi Aisa, Jo Mera Hota.” This poem translates to “Is There Someone Who Belongs to Me?” and it speaks to the longing for connection and companionship that is often associated with love.

Ghalib’s words paint a picture of a person who is searching for someone to share their life with, and the poem speaks to the universal desire for connection and belonging.

Woh Mera Tha Iss Mein Gumaah Nahi Koi Ain,
Kyunke Dard Diya Karte Hee Apne Hain Akser
Kya Aur Bhi Zaraaye Hote Hain Mohabbat Paane Ke,
Mujhe Toh Dua’on Ke Aagey Kuch Bhi Nahi Aata
Itni Man’maaniya Achi Nahi Hoti,
Tum Sirf Apne Nahi Mere Bhi Ho

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Poets from all over the world have been inspired by the sensation of love since it transcends the barriers of language and culture. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic Urdu poetry, the transformative force of love, or the happiness of falling in love.

ishq ne Ghalib nikamma kar diya
varna ham bhi aadmi the kaam ke
ہونٹ خاموش دل میں نالے ہیں
اہل ِ دل کے یہی حوالے ہیں
اجنبی بن کے جو ملے باسط
لوگ میرے وہ دیکھے بھالے ہیں

No matter who the poet is, the theme of romantic poems in Urdu is one that has captured the hearts and minds of readers for centuries. So, the poems of these great poets speak to the universal human experience of love in all its forms.

Uss Shaks Se Bus Itna Sa Taluq Hai,
Woh Pareshan Ho Toh Humein Neend Nahi Aati
Mujhe Waqt Guzarne Ke Liye Na Chaha Kar,
Main Bhi Insaan Hun Mujhe Bhi Takleef Hoti Hai
Dil Ki Dharkan Ban Kar Dil Mein Rahoge Tum,
Jab Tak Saans Hai Mere Sath Rahoge Tum

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